Rullz 4K USB 2.0 3.0 HDMI Video Capture Card Phone Game Webcast Study Course Video Recording Board 1080P 60FPS PC Live Streaming


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Co do tej kawy karty USB 3.0, to teoretycznie obsługuje maksymalny chwyt [email protected] klatek na sekundę w formacie MJPEG.

ale 1080p 30fps to zalecane,gdy trzeba 1080p 60fps w FULL HD,skontaktuj się z nami, aby kupić inne modele

Weź wideo badań telefon komórkowy,telefon komórkowy może być zastąpiony innym

Urządzenia z wyjściem HDMI,takie jak PS4 / kamery HD laptop / PC / DVD itp.

jeśli potrzebujesz swój skrzynia,to komunikat PLS najpierw

  • Numer Modelu: Rullz Mini 4K HD Capture Box
  • Typ Interfejsu: USB
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)
  • Karta Przechwytywania Kawy: Obsługa maks. przechwytywania 1080P/60
  • Czarna Karta Przechwytywania: Obsługa maks. przechwytywania 1080P/30
  • Pakiet: No
  • marka: РУЛЗ

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Eva Sun16
Very good product arrived ahead of schedule
D Pisarkoff
I decided to choose this "whistle" as a temporary alternative for streaming games with switch. Play I love the overwhelming in the fun rhythm of the game, so stable 60fps is critical. I got out on the USB3.0 version in the hope, that at 720r this device in any case will give out stable 60fps. It came quickly. Actually the device itself is packed quite adequately, and in the kit there is a manual, which is just a little easier to configure, because you have to do a presetting of the picture and to output the sound had to listen to the recording device in the settings, to hear the game. For strumil test I Groove Coaster Wai Wai party with vertical picture output in 720r, since this with a stock for the location in the center of the horizontal 1080r. During the stream was not once noticed, that in especially loaded with effects of parts and in general, just reodically 60fps is noticeably просаживадись at least up to 30fps. Price = quality. If not landing FPS, then would put a solid 5★.
Pxrokuror 86
Works as it should
До СПб за 18 дней. Покупал для амбилайта в связке сплитер+малинка. Со своей задачей справляется на полную.

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