3K 4K / 3840X2160 3200X1800 ekran LCD mgła drukarka 3D / projektor ekran projekcyjny ekran LCD zestaw


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  • Rozdzielczość: UHD
  • Kompatybilny Marka: Firma Acer
  • marka: хаоба
  • Aplikacja: Laptop

Tagi: przenośny wyświetlacz LCD 4k, Drukarka 3d 450 mm, 004, 4k LCD, gtmedia v8 hd, ekran hp envy 13, tablet z systemem android, Panel LCD 4k, 101 LCD drukarki 3d, Monitor 4 k.


This supplier sent a screen that was just an open ordinary lcd screen with scraps of film, a backlight, everything looked extremely untidy like a heap of garbage. And it turned out to be inoperative, I tried to start this screen for 3 hours, once it seemed to me that the image appeared, but it was not possible to achieve stable operation. I previously ordered similar screens from other suppliers from alibaba, clean, neatly packaged screens came, without backlighting and any signs of dismantling, and everything worked right after unpacking without any problems. I got the impression that this supplier decided to just send me the defective product that was returned by another customer, it looked so bad when unpacked. I tried to negotiate the exchange of goods, but the supplier, in the place of dialogue, ignored my request. I lost $ 120 on this purchase and would not advise anyone to contact this supplier.

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